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Complex Questing Problems Prototype: a prototype system where more complex problems can be set that require a questing format and assessment.

A short video demonstrating a selection of hazard types from within the Situation Engine.

The falsework challenge.


Gammon 201502: Elements of stage one from a three part virtual construction safety project with Gammon.


Controlled experiences: Users login and their performance is recorded as they are guided through a specific diagnostic exercise.


Multiplayer environment: Users anywhere in the world can all share the same virtual environment, communicating over the internet and interacting in the game.


Sequences and components: Step forward and backwards through the sequence of a construction process and identify individual components of a particular construction detail.


Gesture controls: Actions in the game are controlled by movements of the body in realtime - walking, running, turning, crouching, looking up and down.

User Analytics: Track and record user analytics in realtime as users identify each step and component in any given process or procedure.


Live internet connections: Provide any live and interactive browser window within the game.

Interactive dialogues: Verbal instructions triggered by user actions and interactive menu selections.


Procedural simulations: Accurate simulations of complex manufacturing processes.


Interactive tools and equipment: Drive a truck, pick up a hammer and break things, use a measuring tool to determine the size of objects.


Slice and dice: Sections and plans of buildings or objects can be shown as actual slices along with the corresponding technical drawing/representation.